Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An Exciting Announcement!

 Tis the season to be busy! Christmas is right around the corner ... and I'm still searching for that perfect present for my little princess. A girlie girl and tom boy all wrapped up into one perfect package. So into fashion - and a superstar on the soccer field ... loves having her nails done - and sports her bruised up legs in a mini skirt. She needs absolutely nothing ... Grandma and Auntie do a fine job of spoiling her. What can Santa bring to light up those chocolate chip eyes of hers ... we'll have to wait and see?!?! He always seems to succeed come Christmas morning!

And speaking of Christmas... Kathy, the beautiful mama-to-be, was expecting something special this year too ... her sweet little girl was due to arrive on Christmas Eve. Well, I'm excited to say that Baby Gemma decided to show up a little early... and she's 7 pounds of sweet goodness! Mommy and baby are doing well ... and I can't wait to add to their family album!   p.s. I absolutely love the name!

Another pretty name, and very pretty little girl ... Miss Lena. Lena's mom is a good friend of Kathy - and you just know these little girls are gonna grow up to be friends, just like their mamas!
A teething one year old who missed out on a full nap could mean trouble ... but there's something about those big eyes, squishy cheeks, and pouty lips ... here, you be the judge ...


...proving that it doesn't take a smile to make a photograph ... but we'll throw one in to prove that she did let us steal a few ... and of course, baby toes - I just love baby toes!!

I know these three little girls are going to have a Bright and Merry Christmas ... and my wishes extend to you and your family as well. Let the Spirit of Christmas live in your heart, and may you help spread it to others this joyful season.