Monday, March 28, 2011

Just one of my "Slices of Life"

I Heart Faces is having a "Slice of Life" photo challenge this week.  I had the perfect picture picked out ... a super sweet and tender moment of a family adoring their newest member  -  until my daughter came home with her new bottle of body lotion from her little shopping trip with grandpa.  'Slice of Life' lotion, how funny! So while I meant to do something fun with it yesterday, it totally slipped my mind ... due to the fact that I've been sick and laid up on the couch all weekend :(   My nose is raw from blowing it so much, and I think I went through an entire box of kleenex and a whole container of Vics just yesterday.
While I was getting my son ready for the bus this morning, I saw the lotion sitting next to my camera. I had enough time to snap one picture before he headed off to Kindergarten.
These weekly photo challenges {almost} always require you to have a face ( hence the name, I HEART FACES ) and then follow some theme ( this week's being "Slice of Life" )

So here it is ... literally ... I HEART this FACE, and he's just one of my "Slices of Life"

(I'm off to the Dr.  hoping to get some medicine to get rid of this germ bug once and for all ;)