Monday, July 26, 2010

Purple Passion

I HEART FACES  is loving purple this week ... and so am I! I was breezing through some old photos and came across this newborn session I had a few months ago. Baby Eli is enough to melt your heart! I always encourage moms and dads to include some special and personal items during our shoots to make it unique for them, and when I asked Eli's parents if they had anything, they brought out a hat and bootie set that grandma had gotten on her travels. It was a little big {and a little itchy} but more than adorable to create some portraits that the family will cherish forever. It's always nice to have a special meaning behind a picture, and this one made it to the top of the list. Eli is a special little guy that's going to face some challenges along his way {some medical issues that no little 6.5 lb bundle of joy wishes for} but with all the love that surrounds him from his family and friends and God, he's got a bright future full of possibilities.  I look forward to documenting all of his milestones!
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