Monday, February 20, 2012

Year's Best Kiss

Hugs and Kisses ... that's what I Heart Faces is asking for this week. I literally just spent two hours looking through galleries, but ultimately decided to go with my first choice :)  It was nice to look back through the past year and remember such amazing moments - I hope that's what all of the couples and families do as well; look through their albums and feel like they are back in the moment.
Angie and Zach are one of my favorite couples. After their impressive engagement session, I could hardly wait for their wedding day! Their family and friends are just as incredible as they are ... and the day couldn't have been more perfect. What I love about them is the way the love ... to see the affection they have towards one another is touching. Sometimes couples can feel a little awkward displaying their love for the camera ... these two don't need any time to warm up ;)  It's quite obvious that they are a gorgeous, photogenic couple ... but I think it's what these two have on the inside that make their wedding album beautiful :)
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Monday, February 13, 2012

I Love a Good Love Story ...

In honor of Valentine's Day and the fact the 'heart' is in their name ;) I HEART FACES is going with a heart theme this week. I personally love Valentine's Day ... but I'm a sappy, hopeless romantic who loves anything that has to do with or pretend to do with love ... for example, The Bachelor ...Yes, I watch it - faithfully - and I'm not ashamed, lol :) I'll also proudly admit that I have every love note that my husband and I have exchanged over the years ... we actually have a drawer for them {awwwww ;}  We went and saw The Vow this weekend.  Excellent movie, but I was just a little disappointed that it didn't have me bawling at the end ... I was teary eyed at times, but didn't have the full blown runny nose/blotchy eyes/cry your heart out tear fest that I was hoping for. I'm hoping that The Lucky One will fill that fix for me; patiently waiting for April now! 
My love for love is probably why I love being a Wedding Photographer.  I've been blessed and blown away but what amazing couples I get to work with. While all their stories are unique and different ... the one thing that remains the same is their love - real, true, pure, honest to goodness love. To be able to witness this and document such a meaningful time in their lives is really a great privilege for me. 
Veronica and David are from Illinois ... they had a small and intimate beach ceremony in St. Joe, MI this past summer, and then a bigger reception back home a few weeks later. The day was perfect ... the officiant spoke beautiful words, the backdrop was gorgeous, and their closest family and friends witnessed their obvious and overflowing love for each other sealed with a kiss as they became husband and wife. The evening ended with a sunset swim ... absolutely perfect. 

I just love the image below ... how cute would it be for them to have this same kind of picture after they start a family, with a little baby sitting between them {I can already envision it ;} 
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