Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let's Hear it For the Boys :)

I bet you're singing the song now, right?  That's the theme of this week's photo challenge from I Heart Faces ... and as soon as I read the title, I can't get Deniece William's hit out of my head!  I had a handful of images I was trying to narrow down {a new dad with his baby boy, a group of handsome groomsmen, my husband's softball buddies in action}... and then decided to go with the one below; from some personal photos of mine. My son recently turned six ... and he couldn't have a 'cowboy birthday party' without dressing like a cowboy himself. He's got it from the hat down to the boots, with a real belt buckle wrapped around his little wranglers ... I don't know that I've ever seen a more handsome cowboy actually ;)  He holds the title of "Sheep Riding Champion" at last year's rodeo ... which is only fitting since one of his favorite movies is 8 Seconds. And he's made it quite clear now that he's six, he no longer wears disney character undies and the spiderman decor in his bedroom has to go ... he's a big boy now :)  It's hard to believe that he 'graduated' Kindergarten this year and is growing up faster and faster every day. He's my youngest; my natural born athlete, my snuggler, my helper; my smart, happy, silly little man with a heart of gold as big as the moon.  A smile that can brighten anyone's day ... let's hear it for my boy!!!

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Monday, June 6, 2011

From A Distance...

It's another photo challenge from I Heart Faces ... this week's theme is 'From A Distance'.  A particular image popped into my mind instantly ...  this is from a wedding last Fall.  Jennilee and Garrett married on the beautiful Mackinac Island with their closest friends and family by their side.

It was the fairytale wedding Jennilee always dreamed of ... and she was more beautiful than any princess in the storybooks. On the ferry ride back, all the passengers exited and the new bride and groom stayed behind to sneak in one last kiss before stepping back onto the mainland :)  
I never met these two before their wedding day {as we live on opposite ends on the state} but they are one of the sweetest couples I've had the pleasure of getting to know! The kind of people that you meet and feel like they're old childhood friends. Garrett is in the military, and has been gone since a week after they became husband and wife {and was gone beforehand as well - he came home the night before their wedding} ... leaving Jennilee home with their two precious boys. It's been a year that this bride has been missing her soldier, and the boys wanting their daddy to come home ... and soon they will all be together again!  Until then, Jennilee will continue to be the strong and faithloving woman that she is, handling everything on her own ... until that much anticipated day that Garrett comes home {for good} and makes all their dreams come true ... again and again and again :)  

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