Monday, March 22, 2010

I Heart Angles ...

I Heart Faces has a new theme this week ... 'focusing on angles'.  A little camera tilt here and there can really add some  instant flair to your photographs! Think outside the box ... get low, go high, stand off to the side ... think of all the other ways to view your subject rather than just straight on.  Look for lines and angles at your location too - they can add great artistic features as well!  Be creative and try new things ... you'll be surprised at how much better your photographs become ... happy shooting !
The portrait I picked this week isn't anything over the top {and it doesn't always have to be over-exaggerated} ... just a nice little camera tilt from a slightly higher perspective; and some great lines from the shoot location to compliment.  What do you think?

Here's some more photos from a different angle ...

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Heart Faces ... Bundled Up!

 iheartfaces is a really neat site for photographers of all levels; amateur to pro ... they have lots of great resources and info - and really cool contests!  I was first introduced when a fellow photographer friend had directed me there because she thought a photo of mine was a 'must enter' ... well, it has taken a while, but I've decided to jump on board and give it a shot!
I Heart Faces has weekly themed photo contests ... this week is "Bundled Up"  ... this picture of Isaac sums that up perfectly ... enjoy!
check out what others are sharing ...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Births and Rebirths ... starting anew ...

Blogging ... well, I try! So easy in thought, but something happens from the time I sit down until the time I should be hitting the 'Publish Post' button. Maybe I'll come back to it - revise it a little - add a little more ... and it ends up as a 'Draft', never to be revisited again.
Let's see if we can't change that a little ... writing is something I enjoy just as much as photography - so it shouldn't be that hard. I'm not promising daily posts, but instead a conscious effort to make a plan {since everything works better with a plan} to not fall weeks and months behind. I've got a few ideas in mind ... actually I've got lots of ideas going on, which I think is half the problem! Idea overload!
So as Spring is upon us, spring cleaning is to follow ... de-clutter, re-structure, organize, simplify - our homes - our hearts - our lives.  And make a plan ... it just works better.

As excited as I am for all of the great things coming up ... here's a look at some greatness that's already happened.

Baby Brooke: can you resist those cheeks! She already has a little personality all her own, and is just as cute as can be!

Little Miss Olivia made her debut to this world a few weeks early. She's just a tiny thing {at least to me she is ... my kiddos were never that small} You could just snuggle her all day!

This little girl has the sweetest nursery as well... she's going to love growing up in that room!

I was super excited to get the phone call that the Clark boys were ready for their first photo shoot!
These two handsome little men were only a month old - perfection x 2.